Laser Safety Curtain in Frame - Level1

Laser Safety Curtain in Frame - Level1
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Laser protection curtain isoPROTECT-one (one-sided laser protection for high power applications)

The laser safety curtain isoPROTECT-one provides one laser side and one eye side. Please ensure correct orientation when mounting. Certified according to EN 12254, CE-labeled. The protection levels are based on internal endurance testing. Arbitrary dimensions available.

Protection levels for isoProtect-Level1


Wavelength range Protection level
   180  -   315 D AB8 + IR AB3
> 315  -  1050 D AB7
>1050 -  1400  D AB6
>1400 - 11000  D AB3 + I AB4

Protection levels according
to DIN EN 12254:2010



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