Brinell RAYAG Combiner filter for Ruby-Nd:Yag Laser protection

Brinell RAYAG Combiner filter for Ruby-Nd:Yag Laser protection
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Brinell Vision advanced RAYAG laser safety filter technology gives the user outstanding visibility while blocking critical wavelengths from 694-1064nm. RAYAG is produced using advanced ‘state of the art’ plasma thin film deposition technologies. ‘Three line’ variation also available with Brinell CN-Green filter technology for 532nm, 694nm and 1064nm blocking. 



• Laser range finder/Dazzle combiner protection filter 

• Observation Periscope Laser protection 

• Military laser safety • Pilot safety 

• Three line filter in conjunction with Brinell CN-Green (532nm) 

• Confocal microscopy 

• Research and development 


RAYAG Features:

• high durability advanced Plasma deposited thin film interference filters to work with high powered laser sources.

• outstanding photopic transmission and neutral colour balance for critical applications.

• blocking levels from OD4 - OD6 for 694nm, 755nm & 1064nm

• Brinell CN-green option for additional 532nm blocking capability (3L-RAYAG)

• optically stable/low thermal shift

• low absorption

• no ‘Burn out’

• operation at elevated temperature

• custom designed and UK manufactured 

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