CNG05.30 Laser protection filter for 532nm OD5 (AOI= 0-30 deg)

CNG05.30 Laser protection filter for 532nm OD5 (AOI= 0-30 deg)
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Brinell colour balanced 532nm laser protection technology

>OD5 @532nm

AOI = 0-30 degrees

Average Visible Light transmission (outside of blocking band) >75% 

VLT >38%


Complies with:

EN 207 : 2009 532 DIR LB5 





Brinell CN-G technology is a laser safety filter which allows the user to see a balanced colour view while blocking the laser at 532nm to >OD5. The filter is used in areas such as eyewear, medical surgery, industrial and astronomical applications. The Brinell CN-Green filter uses advanced thin film coating technology to produce optimised blocking for green (532nm) over angles 0-30 degrees while providing outstanding colour balance in the visible region of the spectrum.


  • High durability advanced thin film interference filters with low absorbing design to work with high powered laser sources.
  • Neutral colour balance for critical applications.
  • Blocking levels >OD4
  • optically stable/low thermal shift in CWL
  • low absorption
  • no ‘Burn out’
  • operation at high temperature
  • custom designed and UK manufactured


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