Brinell CNG06.10 laser protection filter (OD6 at 532nm)

Brinell CNG06.10 laser protection filter (OD6 at 532nm)
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Brinell colour balanced 532nm laser protection technology

>OD6 @532nm

AOI = 0-10 degrees

Average Visible Light transmission (outside of blocking band) >75% 

VLT >60%




Brinell CN-G technology is a laser safety filter which allows the user to see a completely balanced colour view while totally blocking the laser at 532nm. The filter is used in areas such as medical surgery, industrial and astronomical applications. High quality laser protection filters for infrared laser applications are relatively easy to design because the wavelengths emitted by such lasers are outside of the visible spectrum. The 532nm wavelength emitted by green lasers however is in the centre of the human photopic region making filter design more of a challenge. The Brinell CN-Green filter uses advanced thin film coating technology to produce optimised blocking for green while providing outstanding colour balance in the visible region of the spectrum.


  • High durability advanced thin film interference filters with low absorbing design to work with high powered laser sources.
  • Neutral colour balance for critical applications.
  • Blocking levels >OD4
  • optically stable/low thermal shift in CWL
  • low absorption
  • no ‘Burn out’
  • operation at high temperature
  • custom designed and UK manufactured
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